Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At the moment I am on the 11th month of a 12 month journey traveling the USA and Canada. This trip was not only intended to be a fun journey for my husband and I, but an opportunity to collect inspiration and ideas for my next exhibition.

For many years I have wanted to do an Art book, although, never really sure about, or happy with the general books that show case an Artist's work. I feel very excited about this next adventure into the world of print, these works will be included in a book that will cover my twelve month experience of traveling the USA by road, placing all the works in context to their time and place of birth.

My next exhibition will also include the launching of a book on both the Art experience and the journey.

I work towards an exhibition every two years. My fine art practice is generally directed to painting, in either oil, acrylic and I do small water colour's, that are mostly used as decision makers on larger paintings, although, they do seem to please people and sell.

I also love printmaking, etching and lino cuts, block prints and screen printing all on paper.

I work with only high quality paints,canvas, paper, ensuring quality and longevity.

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