Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back again...after way way too long, I seem to get caught up in lots of threads and ideas..thankfully I do manage to put a few down on the canvas.
I am still working on a couple of large paintings and doing my painting a day...well almost..I don't know what happens to life, it seems to take off on you and leave you with the feeling that time belongs to other people, but maybe that is what being creative is all about.
Lately I have been focusing on my is good, but I want it to be "great health", I want to do great art with a great feeling mind and body. I have got my Man and I into Raw foods, we have lost 6 kg over 8 weeks and feel great, although I wonder if the toxins being released make you feel more tired through the day than normal. The one really delightful out come is we are never hungry!...I was thinking about summer the other day, and thought Sunflowers...I hope you like it..just a little 4x4 inch..but it is so delightfully bright..
Cheers till next time.

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