Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I went to see the movie 'skin' today with my movie group. A white south african couple that had a black birth child. It was a very sad and confronting true story, I left with a headache, and no idea how a situation like this could be handled by any family in the 1960's, no happy ending.
I came home had lunch and a coffee, then went to work on a painting that I had started yesterday. I had trouble concentrating as my daughter was having 4 wisdom teeth out this afternoon, so thinking of her and the movie I had just seen was not helping me concentrate on painting, but this is how far I got.


  1. hi Sharon.....
    funny how real life stuff gets tied to the images we create,
    for me this is a delightful observational piece.....
    but now I know what it will remind you of!
    Hope your daughter got through without too much discomfort.

  2. Ha ha..never thought of that zooms!..yes my daughter got through ok..although, she is feeling like a truck has run over her. Thanks for stopping by.