Monday, June 29, 2009

The above image is from Chemainus looking towards Bare point.
Chemainus, is such a pretty place, and we enjoyed a Ferry ride over to Thetis Island, where we had lunch and biked to two Marina's on the Island, Telegraph and Thetis Island Marina.

The above image is of Thetis Island from Chemainus.
We traveled to vancouver Island on Tuesday 16th June,09. from Anacortes, it was a great day and the Ferry had a special for Motor Homes..
We spent a few days visiting was so much fun. We spent time in Ogden point and different parts of victoria, Said hello again to Oak Bay and the tea house.
We moved on to Chemainus, Doug's old stomping ground and met up with more friends and just had a lovely walk down memory lane.

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