Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The husband and the traveling artist in the USA.

After leaving Australia on September the 10th 2008 we arrived in LA airport,  this was the start to our travels through the USA. 
We waited six hours for our Flight to Iowa to pick up the 30 ft 2000 Airstream Motor Home that we had put a deposit on a month earlier and what would be our home for the next six to twelve months. 
Initially we were not sure we would be staying more than a few weeks, but we arranged our plans to be able stay longer if things worked out that way. 
We were armed with a five year visa, a jacket and change of cloths and of course our two new apple computers.  We had enough money to last us a couple of months after we payed for the airstream if it proved to be in the condition we expected it to be. We had developed a friendly relationship with the owners and trusted them enough to travel to Iowa.   
We had decided that the Airstream was the Motor-home we wanted to spend the next
 twelve months living and traveling in, and seven months into the trip we are not
 disappointed with our choice.
We drove around the great lakes to get to Niagara Falls, where The Man put a finger in every lake. After spending time in  Maine and Cape cod, noshing down lobster and chowder mooching with the Presidential Bushes' in Kenny bunkport, we then moved through to New york.  
The picturesque Sky line drive,  and the blue ridge Mountains in Virginia are a must to see. While not forgetting the Natchez trace in the Mississippi which is too fabulous a place to drive through quickly.

The picture on the right is of the view in front of our camp site at Jeff Busby's campground, one of the three free campsites on the trace. We spent a slow two weeks camping and walking the
old Trace, touching on much Southern, Indian and even 
earlier history of the area, right back to the Bison migration.
I loved the Mississippi's and found the people old world and friendly, we passed through a few dry towns and the trace was in the middle of one, "Dry"meaning  no alcohol allowed, even having alcohol on you or in you home is illegal, let 
alone drinking it. 
Then Nashville where they drink and play music anytime. 
Our next stop and then South to New Orleans. We then headed off to New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. California was our  target that lead us to the Oregon Coast, where we are now. 

The trip has been filled with many interesting sites and sights with  colours that dazzelled.  We started with the rich colouful greens and yellows of Iowa, moving on to the amazingly foliage in Michigan right through to New york, we followed the leaves as they change colour in front of our eyes for two months.  Then the cold and chill and fog of the Shenandoah National Park
and Natchez trace. The sun and desert of Arizona and the sun shine in California to the first time rain in Oregon.

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